Tuesday, 24 September 2013

8 reasons "The Blacklist" will be a hit - spoilers

  • James Spader (Raymond Redington) having a lot of fun as the campy criminal mastermind. And boy, doesn't he love his food and booze.
  • Episode 1's truck scene on the bridge (wasn't expecting that). The opening shot on the container ship in Episode 2. Filming is as good as a Hollywood action blockbuster.
  • Elizabeth Keen's husband's secret life - he certainly chose to bleed over the wrong floorboards.
  • The pressie in the kid's backpack and subsequent bomb defusing scene - tick, tick, cutting the red wire cliche - lots of fun though.
  • The promise of a new super villain to hunt down each week.
  • Great guest stars. Episode 2 had the venerable Jane Alexander and a juicy part for Isabella Rossellini (looking more like mum, Ingrid Bergman, every time I see her, with or without insect sex).
  • The FBI might be smarter than the dolts in "The Following".
  • An interesting premise: Hannibal Lecter + a mysterious network of super criminals + possible father/daughter chemistry.
PS Don't trust Megan Boone with a ballpoint pen. Even Red made a joke about it in Episode 2.

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