Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Will I keep watching "The Wrong Mans"? BBC TV

The jury is still out after watching Episode 1 of "The Wrong Mans".
Here are the pros:
  • Beautifully photographed, cool editing.
  • The crashing BMW was specky.
  • The two hapless dorks are likable
  • James Corden making sushi.
  • The "Fight Club" reference in the operating theatre.
  • The last scene had me guessing.
As long as you suspend common sense (Wouldn't you just hand the phone in to the police? Doesn't the NHS use identity bracelets?), this could be an enjoyable thriller/bro comedy.
Hoping for more Hitchcockian references next week.

Episode 2 was better .... combining a coughing code, a grumpy Chinese kidnapper, a catchy council slogan, Dawn French's hot water bottle and a bag of poo.
The labyrinthine plot is turning out to be loads of fun.

Episode 3 .... I'm sold. I laughed a lot in this one plus it was genuinely exciting to watch.  Another meeting with Dawn French, more plot twists, an embarrassing dinner party, two nasty murders,a crap film quote quiz in the back of the car, the blood drenched Mercedes, more plot twists and hectic chases.
And don't forget the 'recovery position' doesn't work with the deceased.


  1. the downside to this show is James Corden.

  2. "The Guardian" TV critic has it in for him too. Sure, he is an acquired taste, but he works well with his offsider in this. Plus he co-wrote it.


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