Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Masters of Sex" Showtime Series 1, Episode 6, "Brave New World"

Lots to enjoy in this episode. No wonder a second season has been ordered.
Starting with the lecture scene with Anna Freud (bearing a resemblance to Austin Powers' Frau Farbissina) clarifying her father's theories on the female orgasm. The sad scene with the proctor's wife realising the even sadder state of her sex life; contrasted with the randy senior citizens (Barry Bostwick plays the old lecher) using "Pop goes the Weasel" as a turn-on. An interesting analogy (during ladies' mahjong) about comfortable shoes and sexual pleasure.
Fabulous art direction in the Miami hotel (circa 1957) and an appropriate sexual dalliance after a screening of "Peyton Place".
Lots to say about sexual inequality, not just in the bedroom, but in the workplace. I liked Virginia's line, "Freud was a lousy lover".
It seems each episode must have one dodgy double entendre. This time:  The blond doctor worried about erectile dysfunction while a guy in the elevator cries, "Going up?".

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