Friday, 14 June 2013

Port Stephens, Australia - let's keep this place a secret

Port Stephens is about 2.5 hour drive north from Sydney. It seems to be a secret only the locals know about.  People from New South Wales holiday there, but few interstate or overseas tourists. 
Fishing, whale watching (winter), surfing, bushwalking though national parks and rugged coastal scenery, dolphin watching (year round).  Just walking around a local track 5 minutes from our accommodation, we saw a dolphin dart out of the water. 
Quiet harbours and inlets, clear water, powder white sand, stunning sunrises, picturesque headlands, bushland, native birds galore.  A surprising lack of litter (unlike many resorts, especially Asia – the curse of the plastic bags and bottles).

As Dale Kernigan from “The Castle” would say, “How’s the serenity?”

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