Saturday, 1 June 2013

7 classic television shows they CAN'T bring back

It would be impossible to revive these shows because of the unique contribution of the leading actors:
  • "Columbo" = Peter Falk
  • "Dad's Army" R.I.P. John Le Mesurier, Arthur Lowe, Clive Dunn, Bill Pertwee.
  • "Steptoe and Son"  Unique blend of humour and pathos
  • "Up Pompeii"  Frankie Howard, tailor made vehicle
  • "The Honeymooners"  Jackie Gleason+Art Carney+Audrey Meadows=TV magic
  • "The Odd Couple"  Who was the genius who cast Tony Randall and Jack Klugman?
  • "Fawlty Towers"  unimaginable

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