Friday, 7 June 2013

"Da Vinci's Demons" Series 1 final, Episode 8 "The Lovers" review

A ripper cliffhanger!
Loads of tension builds up as the Medici family prepare for Holy Communion. Showdown in the cathedral, blood-daubed priests, poisonous wafers, the lovely Vanessa carries on the Giuliano's name, Lucrezia earns her stripes and Leo saves the day for Lorenzo and Florence.
Nice to see mascara-boy back - cool flashback reuniting the Sons of Mithras in Constantinople. Nice astrolabe, dude.
I was looking forward to seeing the three amigos (Leo, Zor and Nico) sail off on their New World adventures.  Singing, "We're off on the road to El Dorado"??? Perhaps Series 2.

This series has benefitted from some very complex characters - like Dragonetti and Lucrezia.
A shame Joel Grey/Roman Polanski lookalike Pazzi escaped at the end. Glad Riario (Fab shades, by the way) can be evil in the next season.

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