Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Best shows on television in 2013? "Les Revenants" ("The Returned") & "In The Flesh" BBC

One's French! One's English. Both about the undead.
"Les Revenants" ("The Returned"), originally shown in late 2012 on Canal +. Now we get the English (well subtitled) version in 8 parts on Channel 4. It's so good, I'm gobsmacked - makes "Top of the Lake" look like "Home and Away". Beautifully filmed, intricately structured and creepy as Hell. Less is more. Only seen two eps so far.
I will not give anything away. This is no zombie opus. A teenager is scary and unpredictable, so what would a dead teenager be like? Relationships, rather than horror, is the focus here.
Watching the opening titles should be enough to confirm that this is television drama as good as you get.
Watched the final episode. It posed more questions than it answered. After 8 episodes I felt a bit cheated. Have to wait until next year for Series 2.

On the other hand....
The BBC's excellent zombies (or should I say "PDS persons - Partially Deceased Syndrome") mini-series "In the Flesh" was an economical three parter. Highly recommended. Intelligent, poignant and beautifully produced. It deserves to be repeated. Streets ahead of US cable's "The Walking Dead".


  1. Watched all eight episodes. Great series, very well made and a good dose of creepiness!

    1. Last episode left many unanswered questions. Series 2 in late 2014....long wait for answers!


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