Sunday, 22 June 2014

"The Name of the Game" cool sci-fi episode "L.A. 2017", 1971

This prophetic episode, directed by 24 year old Steven Spielberg, covers lots of ecological /political ground in its 73 minutes. You have to hand it to Universal TV/NBC, with a budget of $375 000, you get a lot of bang for your buck in 1971.
Great to see Gene Barry, no stranger to sci fi (remember 1954's "War of the Worlds"?) as Glenn Howard, the thinking man's Murdoch. Don't expect to see perky secretary, Susan St James in this episode. Edmond O'Brien has a juicy bit. Blink and you'll miss Joan Crawford. (Spielberg worked with her earlier in a "Night Gallery" episode). Louise Latham, always great, is wasted as Barry Sullivan's creepy wife. The wealthy in underground LA sip milk like it's single malt whisky. The final scene of the dead sea bird on the highway still packs a punch.
A great swansong for the third and last season. Loved that Dave Grusin theme music and cool opening titles.

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