Monday, 2 June 2014

"Penny Dreadful" Series 1, Episode 4, "Demi-monde", Showtime/Sky

The gothic/Victoriana boxes continue to be ticked in this opulent and well paced bit of silliness.

  • Great scene in a luxuriant conservatory with Dorian and Vanessa, sexual tension amongst the belladonna. 
  • Dorian Gray's orgy scene, you name it, he's into it.
  • Rat-baiting behind secret doors. Will The Hellfire Club be featured next week? Here's hoping.
  • A stirring recreation of Grand Guignol (last week it was Sweeney Todd, this week The Wolfman, for obvious reasons)
  • Van Helsing (David Warner) appears as noted hematologist.
  • Absinthe and bisexuality (absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?) back at Chez Gray.  Ethan (Josh Harnett) two-timing poor TB-riddled Brona (Billie Piper).

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