Saturday, 8 March 2014

"Hannibal", NBC, 13 interesting things about Season 2

  1. A suspenseful opening scene, it seems cornfields are mandatory in thrillers.
  2. "I love your work" intones Hannibal from the top of the silo. We all laughed.
  3. An elegant departure from Dr Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson). Or is it?
  4. Now I know how to cook Osso buco.
  5. The photography and design in this show is top shelf. If you see the eye/death/mural in the Tate Modern I wouldn't be surprised. 
  6. The beehive man, the flight into the hive scene. Stunning/macabre.
  7. I'd forgotten how great Amanda Plummer is at doing deranged characters on screen. See "Pulp Fiction".
  8. The body cross-sections under glass (a real "Oh my God! moment) in Episode 5.
  9. Michael Pitt ("Seven Psychopaths" and Jimmy Carmody from "Boardwalk Empire") as Mason Verger giving the creepiest performance of the season, a psycho-Willy Wonka. Making the little boy cry in the stable in order to take a tear sample, then tossing him a chocolate. An inspired turn. He seems to be channelling Christopher Walken/Robert Downey Jr, with a touch of Jerry Lewis's Nutty Professor. Love the Dr Strangelove hair. Mason Verger is definitely standout psycho of both seasons. The face-feeding scene was almost too hard to watch in Episode 12.
  10. Freddie Lounds' resurrection, didn't see that one coming.
  11. The huge Shiva statue rearing up at Will and Hannibal in Episode 11.
  12. The return of Gillian Anderson. She now specialises in playing the ice-queen character (see BBC's creepy and compelling "The Fall").
  13. Spectacular (and gory) season finale. Don't turn off when the credits roll!

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