Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"Melbourne Now" NGV Exhibition Mark Hilton's "Don't Worry"

This eclectic art exhibition runs until March 23 2014. One of the highlights is Mark Hilton's stunning work, "Don't Worry".
Walking into a darkened room, the large piece on the far wall is somewhat overshadowed by more flamboyant works and installations.

But as you move closer....

Each letter is crawling with disturbing, tortured figures. You can make out Melbourne references such as the suburban train carriages and school scenes. They are supposed to represent the 37 year old artist's experiences from childhood through to adulthood. Looks more like a medieval vision of purgatory. Anyway, it'll knock your socks off.

Images Copyright Mark Hilton

"Melbourne Now" is spread over 2 venues

  • National Gallery of Victoria St Kilda Road, Melbourne (where the above piece is housed)
  • Ian Potter Gallery Federation Square Flinders Street, Melbourne

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