Monday, 2 December 2013

"Dracula" NBC Episode 5 "The Devil's Waltz" review

5 great things about Episode 5:

  • Van Helsing's glorious steam punk laboratory with wondrous glass ceiling, walls of dials and levers, pipes, pumps and bubbling vessels. "I don't have the equipment!" he complains. Huh? It's the size of a few cricket pitches.
  • "Downton Abbey" meets the Spanish Inquisition with a demented nanny character torturing Renfield before his boss flies in.
  • The fight scene in the "Wild, Wild West" inspired train car complete with henchmen flying through the air and a decapitation courtesy of Grayson.
  • The continuing use of atmospheric Bulgarian locations to replicate London.This is the best looking network show for 2013.
  • The back story with Renfield - loyal employee and lawyer - a huge improvement on the insect devouring slave in Bram Stoker's original tale.

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