Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The best episode of "Ray Donovan" so far, "Bridget" Episode 8 review

Ann Biderman wrote this beautifully structured episode. A lot to like this week - revolving around the brothers' yearly toasting ceremony for Bridget's birthday. Loved:

  • Lesbian Lena (Katherine Moennig, from "The L Word", is she being typecast?) getting love advice from Ray's Israeli henchman, Avi.
  • Mickey (Jon Voight) asking Rosanna Arquette (David's sis, remember her?) whether she would twerk for him.
  • The piercing episode with young Bridget (as a parent of a teenage daughter, I can empathise)
  • Learning a new way to negotiate price with a real estate agent (using a tazer)
  • Bridget and dad ending the ep with a cuddle and a singalong.
More please (oh and some more James Woods, also).

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