Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The A-Z of Retirement (so far)

A Adapting, learning to relax, not meeting a deadline.
B Budgeting
C Crosswords - keeps the mind active, hopefully.
D Dog - crucial
E Exercises
F Five o'clock drinks at home - wine o'clock.
G Garage becomes a gym.
H Hammock
I  Internet - more time for trivia.
J  Jetting off.
K Kitchen - more time to shop around for bargains, better and varied meals.
L Long Service Leave - use it all up before retirement.
M Morning walk - with the dog. Win-win situation.
N Netflix - more time to binge.
O Out with the old - declutter.
P Photograph albums are replaced by Facebook posts.
Q Queensland
R Reading crime fiction.
S Seniors Card - invaluable - free weekend travel in Australian cities.
T Travelling - out of holiday/peak time, saves a bundle.
U Utilities - check your entitlement for concessions and rebates on water, gas and electricity
V Vacuuming, my job; after while wife dusts.
W Whinging - grumpy old man
X Xenophobia = ignorance
Y Yeast, new product in the kitchen now partner has taken up baking.
Z zzzzz's Afternoon naps

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