Sunday, 12 February 2017

Luang Prabang's litter problem

This cultural gem has experienced a tourist boom in the last ten years. Like many other third world countries, the infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth tourism.
A scenic spot, but look below...

View of the Mekong, with pile of plastic bottles and assorted rubbish - Dry Season
It is the public areas (like the roadside rubbish above) that is the problem. Individual hotels, guest houses and restaurants keep their individual areas clean, it's in their interest to have attractive surroundings for their customers.
You can also see the same cascade of litter along the riverbank on the Nam Khan (River). With the wet season, this mountain of rubbish will be swept into the river and downstream to join the rubbish in Vientiane and even farther afield (through Thailand, Cambodia to the delta in southern Vietnam).

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