Monday, 11 April 2016

New Order & Pet Shop Boys - Grandads of Electro - Seniors of Synthpop

We loved them in the 80's.
Over 30 years on, New Order and Pet Shop Boys have still got it.
In September 2015 New Order released their latest album "Music Complete" (though without Peter Hook). There is not a dud track on the album. My favourite at the moment is in the link below.
"Tutti Frutti" Official video via You Tube

In April 2016 Pet Shop Boys released their 13th album "Super". Also a terrific album. "The Pop Kids" (about 30 secs in, it'll knock yer socks off), "Burn" (shades of Hot Chip), "Happiness" (the closest the boys have come to C&W), "Undertow" and "Say it to Me" are also boppy highlights.

 My partner and I first saw Pet Shop Boys perform the single "The Pop Kids" on "The Graham Norton Show"(our brand of 'old fart' TV). The clip is on You Tube too. Later in the year PSB are performing at the London Royal Opera House. Classy venue, but it is an 'old fart' venue?
Click for You Tube: "The Pop Kids" (sound only)

Bernard Sumner is 60 (my age).
Neil Tennant is 61, Chris Lowe is 57.

P.S. "Blur" doesn't qualify in the synthpop category, but "Magic Whip" in 2015 was brilliant and a great way to go out.
Damon Albarn is 48.

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