Sunday, 23 February 2014

"Banshee" Season 2, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Cinemax

Episode 7: A fairly pedestrian affair.
The nubile Rebecca (Lili Simmons) didn't have much to do this week, apart from parade around in a skimpy white bikini (that's probably enough) and stare morosely at mince meat (formerly Jason Hood). We had a brief fight scene in a junkyard (why is it always bald/tattooed dudes) and one helluva explosion courtesy of Job. Lots of m.f. cussing and sassiness from Job and a half-hearted apology from the deputy - (as hard to make as) "a prostate exam".
Observation: the head of the Indian council is also the casino owner, Dan Lannigan (Gil Birmingham), Tusk's ally in "House of Cards" (Season 2).
Episode 8: Is there a pattern emerging here? Another disappointing effort - turgid soap opera mixed with nastiness. Hope Job tracking down Mr Rabbit in NYC will help this season get out of the doldrums.
Episode 9: Two great action scenes (Job going all "Die Hard" in church and finding a novel way of hailing a cab and hospital mayhem with the Russian mafia) surrounded by too much banality and soap opera. Too much soul searching and wringing of hands over Emmett. Cheesy dialogue like, "I don't even know who you are!"
The final episode - Rabbit Season in New York - should be a ripper, though.
You know Clark Kent (Kai's right-hand man) means business when he takes off his glasses.
It is helpful to watch "Banshee Origins" - quite a few overlaps in Episode 9.

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