Sunday, 24 November 2013

13 cool things about "The Day of the Doctor" BBC

  1. Tom Bloody Baker!
  2. The final tableau of all 13 doctors.
  3. Bromance banter from Matt Smith ("Chinny") and David Tennant ("Sandshoes").
  4. The impreccable John Hurt ("Grandpa") as grumpy old man Doctor.
  5. References to "dots" in the old Tardis.
  6. Billie Piper as flirty but wise "bad wolf"/"the conscience".
  7. Murray Gold's orchestral score.
  8. CGI, big budget movie quality.
  9. The Tardis suspended from the helicopter, landing in Trafalgar Square.
  10. Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I.
  11. The secret archive under The Tower, with a glimpse of a pair of ruby slippers.
  12. Steven Moffat's mindblowing script.
  13. Daleks!

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