Monday, 23 March 2020

Kagoshima, Japan - a unique city

I can't think of many cities with an active volcano so close by. Sakurajima is 4 km from the CBD.
Kagoshima is 4 hours by direct shinkansen from Shin-Osaka.

The easiest way to tour the volcanic area is to buy a One Day Pass, then hop on, hop off the sights, buses come every 30 minutes. Ticket can be bought on the bus (the bus stop is next to the ferry terminal on the Sakurajima side). The pass includes a discount for the returning ferry to Kagoshima.
Take the scenic coastal train to Ibusuki hot springs area (50 minutes from city). This beautifully restored train is popular, so reserve seats with at JR ticket offices.
Head north to Kirishima National Park (Yoshimatsu is the last stop)

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