Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Highlights of "Mr Robot" Season 4

In Mr Robot's fourth and final season, Sam Esmail once again demonstrates that likes to play with his audiences' expectations and indulge in an array of cinematic pizzazz.

  • Phillip and Angela's first (and final) scene in Episode 1 "401 Unauthorised"
  • Whiterose's back story in Episode 3 "403 Forbidden"
  • Everytime Janice (Ashlie Atkinson) appears as the creepy taxidermist/ killer (Episodes 1, 2, 5).
  • Tyrell Wellick's final scene in the snow in Episode 4 "404 Not Found"
  • Episode 5 "405 Method Not Allowed",  a heist/chase movie with no spoken word (except 2 lines of dialogue) for the entire 50 minutes.
  • Episode 7 Riverting, filmed like a play, confined to two rooms, broken into 5 acts. Powerful Bernard Herrmann-esque score.

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