Saturday, 23 July 2016

70's - 80's film references in Netflix's "Stranger Things" Season 1

  • Stephen King's "Stand By Me" (train track scenes, being hassled by older bullies)
  • Stephen King's "Firestarter" has a girl with telekinetic powers, likewise King's 1976's adaptation "Carrie".
  • Opening titles are a homage to 80's graphics accompanied by John Carpenter-esque electronic music ("Hallowe'en", "Escape from New York")
  • The monster is a cross between "Alien" (tube down Will's esophagus) and  John Carpenter's "The Thing". 
  • Teenage romance and misfits - John Hughes comedies, take your pick. The Duffer Brothers chose great English alternative music, too. But this is another matter.
  • "E.T." - BMX bikes, El(even) is hidden in a bedroom closet, a garden shed, shown Star Wars models by her new friend, a mysterious government agency is pursuing her. She even points ( in on scene.
  • Film posters on kids' bedroom wall: "'The Evil Dead"
  • The monster's shape making a wall elastic-like ("A Nightmare on Elm Street")
  • Dustin refers to El as the "weirdo on Maple Street". Am I drawing a long bow with the last one?

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