Monday, 13 June 2016

Should Economy Class passengers use the Business Class toilets?

When my wife and I travelled 'cattle class', the forward curtain was the sacred no-go zone. Those buggers paid up at least three times the fare so they were entitled to the benefits.
Nowadays it seems anyone can quickly nip through for a call of nature. Fair enough disabled or frail passengers, if the walk to the rear toilets is too taxing (perhaps seat allocation near toilets would have been a thought, though). 
On a recent flight Qantas flight Melbourne-Cairns, there was no queue at the rear toilets but cheeky buggers, too lazy to venture down the back, barged through to the closer Business Class toilet. One dude even chatted with the galley crew while he was waiting.
Mothers with infants think their cute kid will guarantee them easy assess to all areas. I don't think so. Cabin crew look the other way for a quiet life. This has been observed on numerous flights.

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