Monday, 26 October 2015

How to make a backyard frog pond

I am no handyman nor gardener, but constructing a frog pond was dead easy. We heard frog croaking a few months later. 
  1. Dig a hole. Mine was about 30 cm deep (1 ft) with shallow spots. Ensure the site has some shade.
  2. Line with black PVC sheet (pond liner available at hardware stores).
  3. Trim with scissors but leave heaps (at least 60 cm) around the edges. 
  4. Arrange rocks around edge (to stabilise the pond as well as hide the plastic sheet).
  5. I put a log in the centre.
  6. Add water plants in pots to oxygenate the water (you don't need a water pump).
  7. Ensure plants and soil/mulch cover black plastic liner. Frogs like plants that trail into water and logs or rocks in the sun for butterflies, lizards, etc. Native plants will attract bird life too.
  8. Fill with tap water.

Our pond/bush garden is nearly 5 years old.

A balance of sun and shade is preferable.
This summer we noticed frog spawn.

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