Monday, 26 May 2014

"Penny Dreadful" Series 1, Episode 3, "Resurrection", Showtime

From the syrupy musical score and overwrought opening titles you see what you are getting with "Penny Dreadful". Yet this cheesiness works because of great acting (Rory Kinnear steals every scene as the ever-so articulate Creature), stylish art direction and colour design (e.g. Frankenstein's flashback to his mother's death) and engrossing plot developments (e.g. the idea of using the Grand Guignol as The Creature's home).
Alun Armstrong ("New Tricks") pops up as the kindly thespian and the Renfield-like character has some juicy scenes.
The steamy, toe-curling sex scene between Josh Harnett and Billie Piper mid episode seemed gratuitous, but what the hell, it's Showtime. All boxes have been ticked.

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