Monday, 7 April 2014

Things I like about "Da Vinci's Demons" Season 2

  • Leonardo doing a credible Risario impersonation in Episode 3, complete with his signature camp sunglasses (though the wrong shape)
  • The Pope's Bond-villainesque lair, atmospheric lighting, flashy art direction (all villains must have posh British accents, this is a prerequisite)
  • The show soars whenever Leo brings on on of his inventions (usually inspired by nature - e.g. submarine in Episode 3 - even though a row boat at night probably would have sufficed)
  • Clarice Orsini (Medici's take-no-prisoners, gutsy missus) has a beefed up role in the second series
  • It never takes itself too seriously - each episode usually has some nice throw away lines (often delivered by Leo or Zoroaster).
  • All that green in Episode 5, now Leo has reached South America. Don't know how he ended up in the Andes and what looks like Machu Picchu but hey, who cares? This is such enjoyable claptrap and Risario is there, too.
  • This season gets nuttier each week. Episode 7 looked more like Indiana Jones, plus we had "Carry On, Constantinople"

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