Sunday, 28 July 2013

Things I really miss...

  • my much loved Tin Tin tee-shirts,Thailand circa 1990 (getting a bit ragged around the collar), turned into cushions by my other half. They look good, but ....
  • Windows XP (thank God my old laptop still has it, Windows 8 is an acquired taste)
  • Watching Bill Collins give his rapturous spiel on "The Golden Years of Hollywood" before each movie.
  • When kids brought a box of coloured pencils and building blocks to gran and pop's place (rather than an i-pod or mum's smartphone to play with).
  • plastic bags that open easily
  • Watching black and white movies on free-to-air television
  • Reading to my daughter at bedtime
  • W-i-d-e  seats in Business Class
  • In Australia, the only bottled water for sale was Mineral, Soda or Tonic Water. Buying drinking water in Australia is a ludicrous waste of money and resources. Don't get me started about the litter.
  • Groceries being packed in brown paper bags.
  • Going to the cinema when people were considerate and .... silent.

  • This is a work in progress....

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